Angela Greene
Chief of Police

Chief Angela Greene is a dedicated leader with the ability to quickly assess challenges, correctly define the issues, and develop strategies to provide safety and security for the almost 100,000 residents in the City of Portsmouth, with a specialty in creating groundbreaking crime reduction initiatives as well as building strong community partnerships through trust and legitimacy.

Currently, Chief Angela Greene holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Law and Political Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University located in Madison, New Jersey. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with University Honors, Political Science Honors and a member of Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society.

Chief Greene began her profession in law enforcement in 2001, with the City of Richmond Police Department located in Richmond, Virginia, where she rose through the ranks from patrol officer to Captain.

During her career with the Richmond, Virginia Police Department she began her leadership trajectory in 2005, when she was promoted to the rank of Sergeant during the implementation of sector policing in Richmond, Virginia. Additionally, as a Sergeant, she supervised the Personnel & Recruitment Unit, Cadet Program, and Training Academy.

By 2009, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant wherein she served as a Sector Lieutenant for the City of Richmond’s Southside area which encompassed the City’s largest Latino population. During her tenure as a Sector Lieutenant, she was able to achieve the overall Major Crime Reduction Award for the year 2011.

In 2012, she was promoted to the rank of Captain, wherein she was a Watch Commander in charge of any high-risk operations, major crimes and significant events or incidents during the evening hours. During her time as a Captain, she also commanded the Community Youth & Intervention Services Unit as well as becoming the Special Projects Coordinator and serving as the Richmond Police Department’s LGBTQ Liaison.

Chief Greene came to the Portsmouth Police Department in 2016 as an Assistant Chief of Police in charge of Uniform Patrol, street crimes, K9 unit, mounted patrol, traffic unit, animal control, community enhancement division, school resource officers, crime prevention and police athletic league. As the Assistant Chief of Police, she was instrumental in the reorganization of the community policing model to improve the responsiveness and communication between law enforcement and the public we serve, by employing inclusive community-based programs which focused on the city’s youth, clergy leaders and property managers.

In 2019, she was appointed as Chief of Police where she continually strives to improve the quality of life of all residents, visitors and business owners, through evidence based crime reduction strategies and creative intervention and prevention programs that foster positive relationships between law enforcement and the community we serve; as well as strengthening the department’s organizational structure to garner increased trust of the public and empowerment of leaders at all levels.

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