• The Community Services Division consists of the Community Services Unit and the Crime Prevention Unit.  The Community Services Unit is comprised of sworn officers titled Neighborhood Impact Officers (NIOs) who are assigned to a specific neighborhood or community and attend all Civic League and Neighborhood Watch Meetings.  NIO’s tailor their working hours to address current needs within the community. At full staffing the unit has 21 NIO’s, 2 Sergeants and 1 Lieutenant.  NIO’s work with all stakeholders that have ties to their assigned community and serve as a Liaison between their citizens and various city agencies to ensure that community needs are met.
    • The Crime Prevention Unit supports the Department’s mission by providing crime prevention services and information to citizens and to victims of crime.  Crime Prevention Specialists conduct free home and business surveys, and give presentations on crime prevention to interested groups (schools, churches, civic leagues, and business associations). The Crime Prevention Unit has 2 civilian Crime Prevention Specialists along with numerous volunteers. Volunteers mostly staff SafetyTown where pedestrian and bicycle safety skills are taught to school aged children. Crime Prevention Personnel report to a Sergeant assigned to coordinate Crime Prevention efforts.

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