Uniform Patrol Divison

The Uniform Patrol Bureau provides the foundation for all law enforcement efforts of the Portsmouth Police Department and serves as the most visible and recognizable group within the agency. Uniform Patrol Officers respond to calls for service and proactively patrol the approximately 30 square miles of land that comprise the City of Portsmouth. The primary function of Uniform Patrol is to safeguard life and property, detect and deter crime, and arrest or summons violators of criminal and traffic offenses.  Officers impartially enforce violations of Federal and State code and City ordinances.

The Uniform Patrol Division, at full staffing, consists of 92 sworn officers, 12 Sergeants,  3 District Lieutenants, and 2 Night Shift Lieutenants. The division is commanded by a Captain and is assisted by an Executive Officer.  First and Second Platoon rotate within a 12 hour shift schedule to provide coverage seven days a week while Third and Fourth Platoons do the same to cover the night shift. In an effort to provide efficient service to the citizens of Portsmouth, the city is divided into three Districts and those Districts are divided in patrol zones, with an officer assigned to each zone to maximize coverage


Street Crimes Division

The Street Crimes Division was established in September 2016 as a part of the reorganization of the Uniform Patrol Bureau. The Street Crimes Division is commanded by one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, and when fully staffed is comprised of eight Police Officers. This unit provides dedicated, focused attention, and proactive enforcement efforts towards a variety of issues as they may arise. These issues can include burglary, robbery, street level narcotics, prostitution, etc. This unit works very closely with both the Uniform Patrol District Commanders and Criminal and Special Investigation Division Commanders in an effort to proactively suppress crime and apprehend suspects.

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