The Portsmouth Police Department’s Auxiliary Police Unit originated from the Civil Defense Auxiliary Police which was formed during World War II.  The program became part of the Police Department in the 1960’s.  Members are unpaid volunteers who go through a DCJS law enforcement certification process (including a 640-hour basic class and 350 hours of field training) and become sworn, certified police officers.  Auxiliary Officers have full arrest powers and are armed and perform regular operational duties just as full-time paid officers do.  Auxiliary Officers are assigned to all divisions except K-9 Unit and Traffic Motorcycle Unit.  Auxiliary Officers must work a minimum of 24 hours per month or 72 hours per quarter and attend 40 hours of in-service every two years to remain certified.  From 1991 to 2015, the Auxiliary Police Division worked 241,190 hours of volunteer time and has been awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award, Gold Level, for the past eight consecutive years.  The Auxiliary Police Division is commanded by an Auxiliary Captain who reports to the Special Operations Bureau Commander.  Persons interested in becoming an Auxiliary Officer must pass the same entrance background investigation requirements and possess the same qualifications as full-time applicants to the Police Department.

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