The Support Services Division provides operational support to all aspects of the Department.  The Support Services Division is comprised of the Police Records Unit, the Property Management Unit, and the Court Liaison Unit.  The Division is commanded by a Lieutenant who reports to the Administrative Bureau Captain.

    • The Police Records Unit is located at Police Headquarters at 711 Crawford Street, and can be reached by phone at 757-393-8814.  The Unit is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All services requiring fees/payment are available Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 Pm.  The Unit is responsible for the maintenance and storage of Department records including local criminal records, police and accident reports, warrants, and felony case files.  Police Records personnel perform numerous data entry functions for the Department and also take many non-felony police reports from citizens, either in person at Headquarters or over the phone.  The Unit is responsible for the Departments reporting of Incident Based Report and all arrests to the Virginia State Police for submission to the FBI.  The Unit responds to requests for copies of police reports, criminal records (local only), fingerprinting services, and Freedom of Information requests.  State wide criminal history checks must be requested through the Virginia State Police.  The Records Unit also handles payment of parking ticket fines and the appeal process for parking tickets.  The Records Unit is also responsible for the operation of the Department’s VCIN (Virginia Criminal Information Network) and NCIC (National Criminal Information Network) terminals and all data entry, deletion, and modification to those systems.  The Portsmouth Police Department complies with the Records Retention and Disposal Schedule as promulgated by the Library of Virginia.  The Unit is supervised by a Sergeant and is divided into three shifts, each with a civilian supervisor and several civilian records technicians.  The Unit also has four civilian VCIN Quality Control Specialists.
    • The Property Management Unit is located at 606 Water Street and is open to the public Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8:30am to 2:00pm and can be reached by telephone at 757-393-8605.  The Unit is primarily responsible for safeguarding property and evidence that comes into the custody of the Department.  The final disposition of any submitted property or evidence is determined by the Court, the Commonwealth’s Attorney, the Chief of Police, the investigating detective, or the submitting officer – as appropriate for the situation under which the property or evidence came into the Department’s custody.  The Property Management Unit does NOT determine the final disposition.  The Unit makes attempts, per Virginia law, to return to the owner all property authorized for release once the final disposition of a case has been determined.  Owners attempting to recover property must usually present a valid government issued photo ID.  Items not claimed within 60 days of notification are subject to disposal or auction.  The Unit also handles all of the uniform and equipment purchasing and distribution for the Department (with the exception of radios, vehicles, and weapon systems).  The Unit is supervised by a Sergeant and is staffed by two sworn Evidence Control Officers, two sworn Evidence Destruction Officers, two civilian evidence technicians, and a civilian quartermaster.
    • The Court Liaison Unit is primarily tasked with acting as liaison between the Police Department, the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, and the Courts.  The Unit addresses concerns from all three parties to ensure rapid resolution of issues and ensure the efficient prosecution of pending cases.  The Unit also keeps the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office informed regarding upcoming cases, officers’ leave status, and coordinates pre-trial meetings between the Department and the Commonwealth Attorney.  The Unit is comprised of a sworn officer and a civilian.  The Unit reports to the Division Commander.

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